La Fruta Kage Kage ("Fruta Sombra Sombra") es una fruta del Diablo de tipo Paramecia que otorga al consumidor la habilidad de manifestar y controlar las sombras así como otorgarles una forma tangible y física, convirtiéndole en un Señor de las Sombras. [24], The most powerful aspect of the fruit is that the user can take the shadows they implanted into their zombie minions and place them into themselves for a power boost. It's a solid fruit for most things. [23][47], Moria can also switch places with his own shadow in order to travel long distances or escape from enemy attacks. [33] There were also cases when a specifically-given order would cause the created zombie to prioritize that order over their loyalty to Moria, as seen when Wild Zombies helped Perona defect from Thriller Bark after she instructed and told them of her plans to leave Moria. The Shadow fruit is a paramecia type fruit that allows the user to manipulate shadows, making them a shadow human. With this strength, Luffy stopped a giant Gomu Gomu no Rifle attack delivered by Oars with one hand and unleashed massive attacks onto the zombie behemoth. [38] The minions can also be too obedient for their own good; when Hogback was tricked into ordering Inuppe and Jigoro to jump out of the building, they complied without hesitation, instantly taking them out of the battle. The Kage-Kage No Mi translates to the Shadow-Shadow Fruit. [32] However, there are times when a zombie can become disobedient and even muster at least some of its former humanity from when it was alive, such as when Victoria Cindry could not move and was unable to follow Hogback's orders after Tony Tony Chopper's statement about humanity. Afterwards, the shadow will return to its original owner. E. Fragment Bats: User turns their shadow into a swarm of bats and sends them at an enemy to do a barrage of attacks. The two clones swing at their target, they don't use swords or anything else. [17] Being unable to exist in light, the original owner is also unable to cast any sort of reflection and is also unable to be photographed. Il peut utilisé son ombre pour se battre et se protégé. This ability is not limited to the ground, it can be aimed at any surface be it walls or building. Kage Kage no mi ~Nom du fruit~ fruit du démon des ombres. This often causes them to grow in size to enormous proportions, as was in the case of Luffy in his Nightmare Form[40] and Moria after using Shadow's Asgard.[48]. When first activated 2 clones comes from the ground, and these clones immediately start attacking the closest npc or players. Generally, Moria mostly uses his shadow to both attack enemies and protect himself without personally doing anything. [22] On top of this, Moria cannot simply kill his victims to prevent them from trying to get their shadows back later because their shadows will disappear if they die. Type: [29] In particular, a fish-man, especially one who is skilled in manipulating sea water, can become a serious threat to the user. Luffy also talked differently, losing his usual carefree tone and instead speaking with a grim seriousness. For pvp the fruit can be somewhat useful but isn't the best. Shadow-Shadow Fruit Current User: Die Kage Kage no Mi (jap. Paramecia L’utilisateur du Kage Kage no Mi est le seul qui ne soit pas considéré comme un "Homme-Ombre", à l'instar des utilisateurs de fruits du démon qui sont décrits comme "Humains" habituellement. One of them was a "polite and serious" Luffy, while another somewhat resembled Freddy Krueger from the "Nightmare on Elm Street" franchise. The nearest npc or player will have a shadow appear under their feet, and will connect to the one under the users. Each individual punch a clone deals varies. [30] A shadow will also return to its original owner if the corpse housing the shadow is completely destroyed, as when Ryuma was burned to nothing, Brook's shadow was restored. カゲカゲの実 Meaning: It was eaten by Takahara D. Leonel. The user still retains the ability to move after this is thrown, but it can't be held to keep the user suspended. [11], The minion by itself also does not inherit any Devil Fruit powers of the original owner of the shadow. [40] While Moria himself was able to contain 1,000 shadows, it caused a notable strain on him that not only slowed him down, but the shadows kept leaking out whenever he was struck, returning to their owners even without his orders. If a person absorbs more than one shadow at once, their bodies will change in appearance. King Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. [26], Also, while Doppelman automatically protects the user from attacks, it can be tricked and cannot react to an ambush or surprise attack.[45]. The player teleports where the cursor is pointed. Kage Kage no Mi The refresh is for this move is 15 seconds. The effect of the fruit's powers was first noticed on Brook when meeting the Straw Hats.[1]. Wherever the users cursor is pointed, shadow spikes appear from the ground and damage anything underneath them. The size of the shadow itself does not have to be in proportion with the corpse's own in order to revive it, as is seen when Moria reanimated Oars' colossal corpse using Luffy's shadow. Of all the Devil Fruits whose user receives a descriptive classification, the Kage Kage no Mi is the only fruit whose user is not classified as some sort of human (e.g. [62][63], However, this form only lasted for ten minutes;[64] after that, all of the shadows within Luffy returned to their original owners.[65]. [18] It is worth noting that while being exposed to daylight after having one's shadows extracted usually means instant death, victims who had their shadows extracted for some time can actually last a little more under the sun than those who have had their shadows taken very recently; during the final battle against Moria, the shadowless Straw Hat members instantly had their upper bodies obliterated while the Rolling Pirates actually lasted a little longer. Rara; Paramecia; There appears to be no limit to how often they can use their Devil Fruit, because the wind is almost always surrounding them. Also, the number of shadows that can be implanted into a person is somewhat limited by how strong the person's spirit is. カゲカゲの実, ~) ist eine Paramecia-Teufelsfrucht von der Gekko Moriah gegessen hat. A fruit is identified as a common if its tool icon is grey. [12] Though the minion does not inherit any Devil Fruit powers, the Kage Kage no Mi user can manipulate the minion's shadow so that its body can simulate the body changing abilities, such as those of some Paramecia Devil Fruits.[13][14]. The price isn't too expensive and because it's an uncommon fruit, it's overall easy to obtain. Gecko Moria, The Kage Kage no Mi[2] is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that gives the user the ability to manifest and control shadows of living creatures, including their own, as physical and tangible forms. İngilizce'si Shadow Shadow Fruit, Türkçe'si ise Gölge Gölge Meyvesi'dir. Also, the minions can still retain certain mannerisms of the shadow implanted into them even after becoming fully obedient, mostly the annoying ones, such as Lola's attempts to get married,[34] Ryuma's perverseness,[35] John's drinking,[36] Inuppe and Jigoro's constant bickering,[37] and Oars's gullibility. Güçleri ve Zayıflıkları [düzenle | kaynağı değiştir] More than one shadow also can be placed into them, multiplying their strength by the number of shadows implanted. Commons are the easiest fruits to come across due to them having simple abilities that are considered weak. [46], Moria can also use his powers in battle in a manner suiting his personal motto by manifesting his shadow into a dark, semi-liquid silhouette figure resembling himself. [59], While in this form, Luffy could use the combined strength and skills of the shadows within him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Kage Kage no Mi is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit that gives the user the ability to manifest and control shadows, as a tangible and physical form, making the user a Ruler of Shadows (影の支配者 Kage no Shihaisha). There is a 1 second delay before the player teleports where the cursor was pointed, and second the teleportation can only be aimed at a surface and not the sky. Type: Paramecia ... (この世全ての悪, Kono Yo Subete no Aku?) Mole Human, Magma Human), in this case a "Shadow Human", instead being referred to as a "Ruler of Shadows". [2] With this power, the user can grab hold of their victim's shadow and cut it off of the victim with a pair of scissors as if it were tape. With Luffy's strong spirit, he managed to contain one hundred shadows within him when most normal people could only contain two or three. The refresh is 8 seconds. Kage Kage no Mi Paramecia türü bir meyvedir. ~Type du fruit~ Paramecia ~Description du fruit~ Le Kage Kage no mi a le pouvoir de manier les ombres. In the game Gigant Battle, Nightmare Luffy appears as a support character. Shadisky15 added Falta to Kage Kage No Mi. His Gomu Gomu no Pistol involves spinning his fist in a circle before launching it to increase momentum, and his Gomu Gomu no Storm has him jumping upwards while inhaling and twisting before launching the barrage downwards. A shadow follows the soul of its owner's movements, and cannot be changed from birth to death; this Devil Fruit allows the user to change that absolute rule. The refresh is 7 seconds. [7] Despite this, no matter how strong the shadow is, it will eventually forget its memories of its original owner and obey the user completely. [21] The amount of salt required to extract a shadow from the zombie is proportional to said zombie's size, as Oars was immune to a salt pellet shot by Usopp,[28] but could have been purified by a large bag of salt shot into his mouth, had it not been for Moria's own shadow protecting him. English Name: Shadow-Shadow Fruit. Official English Name: In the anime this fruit is used by Gecko Moria, a Warlord of the Sea. Other names that Frederick had previously used included Fredrick Herman Kage, Fredrick H Kage and Frederick H Kage. Statistics A Kage Kage no Mi é uma Akuma No Mi de classe Paramecia que dá ao usuário a capacidade de manifestar e controlar sombras, como uma forma física tangível, tornando o usuário um governante das sombras (影 の 支配 者 Kage no Shihaisha?). Over the years, while trying desperately to recover their own shadows, they learned that they could capture shadows that had been purified from Moria's zombie minions and put the captured shadows into themselves to gain the abilities of the shadow for a short period of time. When these two shadows connect the enemy can't move from the position they were in. [24] Since his zombie minions do not inherit Devil Fruit abilities from the shadows animating them, Moria can also aid his zombie minions in the execution of some of their techniques by implanting his shadow into theirs. This move is just to move the clones if their stuck or to move them closer to an enemy. ~Apparence du fruit~ Le fruit ressemble à un fruit rond noir avec des motifs en forme de spirales dessus et une tige qui ressemble à celle des fruits du démons. [10] During the Battle of Marineford, Moria demonstrated that the Kage Kage no Mi is especially useful in war-like conditions, where there are plenty of soldiers to steal shadows from and plenty of bodies for easy zombification. Doppelman (Won't happen unless someone wants to spend 3 days on a script) Brick Bat Such abilities include being able to breathe three fireballs horizontally after drinking some liquid from a calabash and shooting out multiple flaming arrows at a considerable range with a longbow. Lunam Umbra (魔鬼流 (ルナム・ウンブラ) , Runamu Unbura?, literally meaning "Cursed Ghost Style") is a fighting style developed and used solely by Cofresi D. Roberts, that makes use of his Yurei physiology and Kage Kage no Mi powers to create a unique and versatile fighting style. It gives the user the ability to manifest and control shadows. The Shakou Shakou no Mi is a Logia-type Devil Fruit which allows the user to manipulate any form of shadow and himself to a shadow, as well as use it as a linkage to the Shadow Realm where he leads. In game this fruit can be obtained through the Black Market, Gacha, or finding it. Shichibukailer'den Gecko Moria tarafından yenilmiştir. The moment when the user switches places with their shadow can also be used to dodge attacks, as the shadow is invulnerable to harm. The fruit gave him the power to take away the shadows of anything that casts one by snipping them off with hilariously huge scissors. The user can partially prevent this by covering their mouths with their hands, but this is only a temporary solution. Monkey D. Luffy, in particular, was able to hold 100 shadows in his body, transforming into the hulk known as Nightmare Luffy. was Luffy's form after he was greatly powered up by one hundred shadows implanted into him. The user must willfully say that a shadow should return to its master in order for it to be fully returned. These zombie minions are the most numerous in his arsenal, and the least capable, often being shadows from regular citizens or people that aren’t physically remarkable nor exceptionally skillful in any particular area. Chapter 443; Episode 338[1] It's shadow clone ability combined with it's Z attack makes it a good "auto-farm" for grinding. [60] He could also move at incredible speeds, having safely rescued Nami and Usopp from a rampaging Oars, which was only made clear when Luffy made his presence known. It costs 950,000 Beli and 3 gems. The fruit's bestowed powers, as used by Moria, have been used mostly to create a large number of zombies in Thriller Bark. With the help of Hogback's surgical ability to create all sorts of creatures, and a large freezer filled with tons of corpses, Moria has been able to create a large army of the dead. [31], Also, the user can only fully control minions whose shadows come from owners who are relatively weaker than them. Being further augmented by the 100 shadows, all of his normal techniques are further increased in power, enough to topple even Oars. The shadow clones will disappear after 13 seconds. This functions like all other devil teleport abilities, but with some differences. bhaty0 moved Kage Kage No Mi lower bhaty0 moved Kage Kage No Mi lower bhaty0 added Kage Kage No Mi to Frutas Board [BR] Steves One Piece. [2], It was eaten by a former member of the Seven Warlords of the Sea, Gecko Moria. If the person is still conscious, they will gain the abilities of the shadow's original owner and become stronger. The fruit's powers have also been used outside of Moria's own will by some of Moria's victims, who learned how to harness the fruit's ability to make shadows tangible for their own benefit against Moria himself. Kage Kage no Mi. Kage Kage No Mi. With it, he has been able to steal various shadows from various people who unfortunately stumble across his island. This move will connect to any enemy near the user, meaning multiple npcs or players can be stunned. [5] The minion that is created retains the mannerisms and abilities of the victim. Le Kage Kage no Mi permet a son utilisateur de contrôlé les ombres de n'importe qui mais aussi de les absorbés afin d'augmenté sa puissance. The Kage Kage no Mi (Shadow Shadow Fruit) was eaten by Gekko Moria, the main antagonist for the Thriller Bark arc. The player kicks the ground and a shadow pool appears under their feet. Gomu Gomu no Mi/Techniques#Nightmare Luffy, Miss Goldenweek's "Operation: Meet Baroque Works", Episode of Arabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates, Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Rosamygale Grauvogeli, Of all the Devil Fruits whose user receives a descriptive classification, the Kage Kage no Mi is the only fruit whose user is not classified as some sort of human (e.g. Shadow clones don't get attacked by enemies, instead enemy npcs will lock onto the player instead. [4] They can then place the shadow into a lifeless corpse in order to create a zombie minion. [14], Moria's greatest ability, however, revolves around empowering himself with the shadows he uses to animate his zombie minions, absorbing both power and skill, by assimilating them into his own body. This attack deals no damage, and has a refresh of 4 seconds. The spikes are very fast, they disappear almost immediately after appearing. We track the millions of LoL games played every day to gather champion stats, matchups, builds & summoner rankings, as well as champion stats, popularity, … One bite, and you gain a lot of power, for the mere cost of your ability to swim." It was eaten by Duane and first seen when Duane first attacked Mtakatifu Kevu on Ostaria.==Site Navigation== Japanese Name: [61] Because one of the shadows belonged to a swordsman, Luffy also gained the ability to fight with swords, something he never knew before. Minions with shadows that come from relatively strong owners are harder to control,[2] as demonstrated when Inuppe, who contained Sanji's shadow, fought against the other zombies to protect Nami. Bien que le sbire n'hérite d'aucun pouvoir du Fruit du Démon, l'utilisateur du Kage Kage no Mi peut manipuler l'ombre du zombie afin que son corps puisse avoir les capacités pour changer son corps, telles que celles de certains Fruits du Démon de type Paramecia. Also, if the user is using other shadows to empower themselves, then hitting them with enough force or pressure can cause the shadows to escape through the mouth and back to the original owners. What did the Devil Fruit look like before it was eaten? The first and foremost strength of the fruit, as demonstrated by Moria, is that its user can manifest shadows into a physical and tangible form. Once their target dies, the clones will either lock onto the next opponent or wait until something else shows up to attack. [16] The original owner of the shadow is forced to remain in darkness, as they will vaporize if hit by sunlight. The damage can vary from 2,100 to 2,400, the clones are guaranteed to finish of the majority of npcs or players within their limited time. The Shadow fruit is a paramecia type fruit that allows the user to manipulate shadows, making them a shadow human. In the anime, a shadow zombie will share the same seiyu and dub voice actor as the shadow's previous owner. There are 8 shadow spikes, each of these spikes deal 1,255 damage totaling at 10,040 damage. The Kage Kage no Mi is a spherical-shaped pure black fruit with a green stem, and like most Devil Fruits, it has swirl patterns all around it. It is also able to change shape and size depending on the user's wishes. For example, Oars sounds like Luffy. "I'm sure you've heard the expression 'eat of the Devil's fruit', right? After a zombie minion is purified, the shadow that is freed can be caught by anyone (since it is still temporarily in a tangible state until properly reunited with its original owner), who can place that shadow into themselves or into an ally. [26], Another weakness is that the user does not actually have to give the order for a shadow to be returned to the owner. As for the original owner of the shadow, they will enter a two day-long coma once their shadow is separated from them. Sanji, Robin, and Zoro are vaporized by the sunlight after their shadows were stolen. This was demonstrated when Moria was crushed underneath his own mansion and when he was hit with Luffy's Gomu Gomu no Mi Gigant Jet Shell or Jinbe's Samegawa Seiken. If a zombie given a shadow from this fruit's power is fed salt, it will cause the shadow to return to its original owner,[27] due to salt being an element of the sea (salt water), which takes away Devil Fruit powers. However, because the shadow that is implanted into a living person is not of the same soul, the shadow will only stay in their body for ten minutes. KAGE KAGE NO MI. [15] The Devil Fruit user can use this side-effect to their advantage in battle, as the original owner is completely defenseless until they wake up from their coma or are woken up. The main strength of the Kaze Kaze no Mi, much like other Logia-type Fruits is the ability to shift into the element they control in order to avoid damage. Their shadow, as a physical manifestation, is a being of strength similar to that of a Logia Devil Fruit user as their shadow, in that state, is impervious to damage. It was eaten by Umbra of The Free Pirates. For most regular people, two or three shadows is the limit, but strong willed people can hold more than that and even be transformed into a much stronger form, depending on how many shadows they take in. The following events are Non-Canon and therefore not considered part of the Canon story. The belief is that one can purify an evil spirit, like a zombie, by surrounding them with salt or making them eat salt, which is believed to. The Kage Kage no Mi is a Paramecia type Devil Fruit that gives the user the ability to manifest and control shadows, as a tangible and physical form, making the user a Ruler of Shadows. The Kage Kage no Mi is a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows the user control over shadows, making the user a Ruler of Shadows (影の支配者, Kage no Shihaisha?). The young man took a sudden interest in his hand. La fruta es esférica y muy oscura, dificultando la visión de sus espirales a lo largo de su superficie. In the game Unlimited Cruise, Luffy, in this form, has also displayed other abilities to compliment those seen from both anime and manga. Using this knowledge, they imbued Luffy with a hundred shadows and turn him into Nightmare Luffy. Moria uses Tsuno-Tokage on Little Oars Jr.. It was consumed by Cofresi D. Roberts. This is essentially a stun ability, the stun lasts for 3 seconds. If the person's spirit is weak, they will lose consciousness and the effects of the shadows will be wasted. If the attack is aimed at the sky the shadow spikes will appear below where the cursor is aimed. The Kage Kage no Mi also known as the Shadow Shadow Fruit is a paramecia devil fruit that gives its user the ability to control and manipulate shadows at will. Posee el característico ramo torcido de las frutas y está parcialmente envuelta en su parte inferior por hojas algo picudas verdes. Because the power heavily relies on the power of others, this can cause the user to weaken over time because they rely too much on their subordinates to fight, making the user lazy;[43] Moria claimed that he would become the Pirate King simply through the use of his zombie army,[44] and the high-ranking World Government member(s) later decided that he was too weak to continue being a Warlord of the Sea and sent Doflamingo to eliminate him. In the anime this fruit is used by Gecko Moria , a Warlord of the Sea. [39], Another notable weakness of the fruit is that the shadows that were freed by the user's powers can be used against them. Le Kage Kage no Mi est un Paramecia type de Fruit du Démon qui donne à l'utilisateur la possibilité de manipuler et controler les ombres, comme une forme physique et tangible, "Kage" signifie "Ombre". Usage Debut: Early jokes of Nightmare Luffy were revealed in One Piece Green: Secret Pieces. Moria summoning his shadow to fight Luffy while he relaxes on the sideline. The range is fairly good as well, these can be aimed from a distance to hit enemies. This move is great for grinding, but it's use in pvp is yet to be tested. [25], Since the user normally relies on shadows in order to be able to do anything with their powers, by depriving them of access to shadows, including their own, an opponent can disable the fruit's functionality entirely and render them completely powerless. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Summary: Unfortunately, Frederick Kage passed away at the age of 84, the date of death was 10/10/2010. These shadow clones are the same size as a normal player and move at a good speed. However, if the main fighter is Luffy, then he will instead transform into Nightmare Luffy to attack before returning to normal. That, boy, was an Akuma no Mi... particularly, the Kage Kage no Mi. Meaning: Shadow. When their main target player or npc dies they teleport to the closest npc and begin attacking and repeat this process until they de-spawn. This move allows the user to teleport their shadow clones wherever the cursor is pointed. The Kage-Kage No Mi translates to the Shadow-Shadow Fruit. The user can leave the shadow clones alone and they will continue to fight. [40], Nightmare Luffy (ナイトメア•ルフィ, Naitomea Rūfi?) They are then able to control their shadow and make it fight for them in their stead. [25] A person that had a shadow infused into them would also experience similar effects (an initial side-effect is an area around their eyes darkening in color), and the more shadows they absorb, the more power they amass; however, the number of shadows that they can take in at any given time all depends on their willpower. This being is impervious to conventional attacks and can split itself into smaller bat-like shapes. [25] Additionally, the user appears to have no way of keeping track of the shadows that they extract from their victims; when Luffy, in Nightmare mode, came out to confront Moria, the Warlord of the Sea actually thought that Luffy's new form was a result of shape-shifting powers,[41] not realizing his part that led to Luffy becoming that strong until much later.[42]. The Shadow fruit is a good fruit for grinding overall. Kage Kage no Mi. The Kage Kage no Mi is a Paramecia-class Devil Fruit originally eaten by an unknown pirate It was later eaten by Gekko Moriah. None of them seem to be as bulky looking as the final version. Bu meyve yiyene gölgeleri kontrol etme ve onları değişik formlara sokabilme gücü verir. Kage Kage no mi ={Kage Kage Fruit}= Q. Silhouette: User sends forth their own shadow to strike and blind any enemy, before switching places with said shadow to teleport to their foe. The way Moria produces shadows from his victims, by cutting them off like pieces of clothing from their feet, resembles. [40] In this form, Luffy was several times bigger than his normal self, and his skin turned completely blue. Ela foi comida pelo ex- Shichibukai, Gekko Moriah. The user is also able to manifest their own shadow as a semi-liquid physical form. [6][7][8][9] The minion, however, is only as strong as the body it is composed of. [19], The Devil Fruit user also has full control over whether or not the shadows return to their original owners; simply defeating the user, or even killing them, will not return the shadows the user has stolen. This increase in power can be devastating if the user absorbs enough shadows, and can ultimately cause the user to swell dramatically in size. The user creates 2 solid black shadow clones that will begin to attack any npc or player nearby. Being able to control wind allows them to use the powerful element to blow their enemies away and cause vicious disasters with it. This was demonstrated when Moria was attacked by Donquixote Doflamingo and was somehow separated from his shadow, thus leaving him defenseless.