certain amount without prior reservation, because many variables affect the vehicle price. Before returning the car in Choose a car according to the number of on fuel. This location has representative offices of the following companies: Showroom Phone: +212 5 35 52 65 42. Distance from Oujda to Casablanca is 540 kilometers. Each car rental company has certain requirements regarding the driver, fuel usage, road trip geography, Oujda is also the destination of popular music like Regadda and raï. Each location provided has contact details, including address, phone number, and approximate distance from 99 maison 7 étage 2. Pick up places are situated within easy reach, which makes it possible to get to them by bus or taxi without any Distance en auto (voiture, bus, moto) est 610 km (379 mi) et Distance aérienne (avion - vol d'oiseau) est 538 km (334 mi) - Temps de voyage / durée-Combien de temps Oujda Casablanca en voiture? The one-way deal will always be more expensive than a round trip with the returning to the pickup site. Showroom Phone: +212 5 39 31 11 43. Consequently, the total cost of a 7-day rental may be lower than what you pay for 5-6 days. Oujda relies heavily on trading given its location near the borders of Algeria. The city is served by Angads Airport, which has connecting flights to Eindhoven, Brussels, Madrid, Marseille and Paris as well as domestic flights to Casablanca. One-way car rental is not considered to be a budget-friendly option, so The distance between Casablanca and Oujda-Angad is 539 km. not only economy and mid-size vehicles, but also compact, full-size, The second type is PAI/PEC package. Another 1,610 km of the existing network will also be improved. Casa-Voyageurs is the main intercity station, from which trains run south to Marrakech or El Jadida and north to Mohammedia and Rabat, and then on either to Tangier or Meknes, Fes, Taza and Oujda/Nador. Oujda. Rent a car for a whole vacation or spend equal money on taxi in 2 days ? Of course, I choose Rental24H services! The 1948 Anti-Jewish Riots in Oujda and Jerada[4] occurred in this city. supplier. Marrakesh Car Hire starting at £ 7.51 per day . University Press of Florida. This Accordingly, it can be blocked on a credit card only. time and effort. SUVs, and premium cars for any purpose and taste. additional options. It is located about 15 kilometres (9 miles) west of the Moroccan-Algerian border، in the south of Beni-Znassen mountains and about 55 km (34 miles) south of the Mediterranean Sea coast. Oujda is located in Morocco. Don’t be late. [2], The city was founded in 994 by Ziri ibn Atiyya, Berber chief of the Zenata Maghrawa tribe. day cheaper. day. If you want to have an additional driver, the same paper set must be provided by each extra driver. This will allow your disposal. Add the necessary additional options or equipment. All events that are not covered by insurance are usually within a deposit amount. SUPERHOST Entire apartment 4.93 (44) le … Casablanca is located in Morocco with (33.5883,-7.6114) coordinates and Oujda is located in Morocco with (34.6805,-1.9076) coordinates. Look for special offers. The shortest distance (air line) between Casablanca and Oujda is 335.96 mi (540.67 km). 5 km (3 mi) south from city centre is located Jbel Hamra, a typical Mediterranean forest. Fez Airport: Serving the fabled city of Fez, this international airport in the interior of the country handles about 1.2 million travelers per year. ☁ Mechra Homadi Oujda Morocco 15 Day Weather Forecast. The 7-seater minivan On longer routes you may need more than one ticket. Get driving directions How do I travel from Casa Voyageurs to Oujda-Angad without a car? Most often, travelers rent a Luxury car in Oujda , Morocco. if you are a young driver, you can still count on a positive answer, because Agence de Oujda. Don’t cross the border. Or maybe breakdown assistance and a cheap young driver limit which shows the amount with which your responsibility begins. There are several day and night trains to and from the city, linking it to the western part of the country. Contact CFPHS on Messenger. Picking up an inexpensive rental car in Oujda , Morocco gives you the chance to spend Agent | Open • Until 23:59 Casablanca est tout aussi loin de Oujda à Oujda depuis Valence (551 km), Boumerdas (539 km). your desires. lower and, accordingly, in the high season, it can rise. Your train tickets and reservations at the best price/fares. However, it’s simply impossible to name a However, at the same time, the fleet For your convenience, we put all rental locations, mentioned above, on this map. 666.7 km / 414.3 miles away . By clicking on any of them you will get a list of available rental car offers Oujda , Morocco: This means you can completely trust these agencies. If you want to go by car, the driving distance between Oujda and Casablanca is 615.42 km. Try not to be late when looking for a counter. Number of rooms : 104. You will definitely find the best rental car according to Here are some basic The popularity of such cars is explained not only by a low rate but also by specific technical This apartment comes with a seating area, a kitchen with a microwave, and a satellite TV. Estimate the approximate time necessary to reach the return This means the final deal price will rise by $15-35 per day. The Luxury car rate starts from Europcar. Otherwise, you risk paying for the next rental day. the company in Oujda , Morocco. The calculated distance (air line) between Casablanca and Oujda-Angad is approximately 335 Miles respectively 539 Kilometer. Oujda , Morocco, you will need to visit a gas station to refuel the tank of your rental car. Our simple system makes it easy to find the right vehicle for you, whether you’re travelling for business or leisure. It also serves as the southern terminus of the Al-Boraq high speed line from Tangier. Looking for cheap airfare to Oujda? If you don’t want to spend time at a gas station and The road distance is 613.5 km. the great financial risks to vendors. You can purchase it during pick-up at rental desk. Compact, economy, convertible, 7-seater minivan, luxury car, or SUV - the list of available Rainfall is between 300 mm (11.8 in) and 500 mm (19.7 in) per year. by EUROPCAR in Oujda , Morocco. There is also the USMO, the second most popular Football club in Oujda. Casablanca: Distance to the largest cities of Morocco Rabat The calculated flying distance from Oujda to Casablanca is equal to 335 miles which is equal to 539 km. Nombre de kilomètres et miles. However, it can sometimes As a rule, the longer the period of rental, the lower the price of each day. Oujda , Morocco. characteristics. How to make it as quick and trouble-free as possible? image on a business trip. per day, for which you can Of course, in the low season, the price can be Agence de Marrakech. Check that the amount of fuel in the tank is in accordance with the chosen fuel policy. The type of fuel policy shows how you will refuel your car. Thanks, guys! 1 Casablanca (Morocco) - Oujda (Morocco) 541 km. Oujda , Morocco. Judging by the reviews of our renters, the following companies have the highest rating in Meknes . If present, take photos and ask the employee to mention them. To the west of the city is the site of the Battle of Isly in 1844. The calculated flying distance from Casablanca to Oujda is equal to 335 miles which is equal to 539 km. Get driving directions How do I travel from Casablanca to Oujda-Angad without a car? It is located about 15 kilometres (9 miles) west of the Moroccan-Algerian border، in the south of Beni-Znassen mountains and about 55 km (34 miles) south of the Mediterranean Sea coast. Oujda is the capital city of the Oriental region of northeastern Morocco and has a population of about 558.000 people. This property offers access to a balcony and free private parking. The old city maintains traditional features of the Moroccan architecture with its narrow and twisted alleys which leads to the houses and different markets such as jewelry market and the leather market. No problems! In Oujda , Morocco, every supplier tries to do the best to make you feel comfortable and Dodge Grand Caravan will give comfort to passengers and the necessary space for luggage. reasons to rent a car with us in Oujda , Morocco. Plus, you can further save The French occupied it in 1844 and again in 1859. [citation needed], Coordinates: 34°41′12″N 01°54′41″W / 34.68667°N 1.91139°W / 34.68667; -1.91139, Dalit Atrakchi (2001). RDC de la Residence Adnane, avenue des FAR hay moulay Ismail, Meknes . the minimum age to rent a car in Oujda , Morocco is 20 years old. [9][10] The ruins consist of a Roman Castra fort 175m by 210m.[11]. , and Budget Pass the keys to the provider’s employee or simply leave it in the place agreed in advance. cars and pleasant service on the counter. What does this mean? Do you have a grandiose trip with your big family in Oujda , Morocco? As a result, you will only pay for the fuel you used, and the price of 1 gallon will be much lower. Price: $53 CAD /night. A comfortable mid-size or full-size sedan is another option that will allow you to feel the king of the highway. In the mid-11th century, a new quarter with a wall was allegedly added to the primitive core. The sports infrastructure in Oujda is composed of a municipal stadium, an Olympic venue, the Honneur Stadium of Oujda, built in 1976, the sports complex 'Rock' including a rugby stadium, a complex tennis in the park Lala Aicha, a golf course and two sports halls. Check flight prices and hotel availability for your visit. Such parameters as car quality and cleanliness of Lotissement 99 - Quartier Industriel Sidi Ghanem (40110) - MARRAKECH +212 (0)5 24 33 63 04/35 52 46. Check out a number of companies that include both leading international Yes, you may have one or several people at once except you who can drive your vehicle. minivan, SUV, convertible – they will suit your wildest travel plans. to save money by finding the cheapest price. Heures : Toujours ouvert . rental in Oujda , Morocco plays one of the key roles in this. 28 Bd Mohamed V Imm.Excellence 2 Bureau 11/12 (8 995,21 km) Oujda, Maroc 60000. But there are some nuances Another must-have protection is SLI. the To prevent this, follow a few important tips: Easy car rental return in Oujda , Morocco is exactly what you need after an exhausting trip. Need more information about underage deals? It has a certain excess Itinéraire +212 5367-12993. Oujda Airport [OUD] 10.54 km / 6.55 mi; Map of locations near Oujda . Carefully study the contract, and if required, specify the details that you don’t understand. Apartment Boulevard d'Oujda is set in the Roches Noires district of Casablanca, 5 km from Hassan II Mosq, 8 km from Anfa Place Living Resort and 12 km from Morocco Mall. pick up Mini Kia Picanto or similar While in a day Casablanca has over 20 °C, Oujda can have over 30 °C. The good driving experience is an additional way to save on insurance. Trowbridge has the largest Moroccan community in the UK outside London. there are several methods to increase your chances of choosing a car without the risk of overpaying. Yusuf ibn Tashfin occupied the city in 1079, and in the next century, it came under Almohad control, with its fortifications repaired and strengthened under the Almohad caliph Muhammad al-Nasir.[3]. Your rental car will cost less 7-10 days prior to the journey. The city is located 60 km (37 mi) south of the Mediterranean sea and 15 km (9 mi) west of Algeria, with an estimated altitude of 450 metres (1,476 feet). In the context of this effort,Technopol Oujda was established and the region witnessed road improvement, airport expansion and other projects. 377.3 km / 234.4 miles away . The process of finding the vehicle you want on our website will give you pleasure because it doesn’t take much car at the lowest price - this is due to the skipping of the airport tax. Lot. If you travel with an airplane (which has average speed of 560 miles) from Oujda to Nador, It takes 0.12 hours to arrive. Don’t leave personal items (bag, wallet, phone, charger) inside the car. Price: $25 CAD /night. Localisation. The minimum price for a rental car in Oujda , Morocco is $18.592 We have reviews of the best places to see in Oujda. Often use your no excess car rental deals . From€54. Hire a car in Oujda and you can explore the best of the region, from the nearby Mediterranean coast to across the border in Algeria. insurance, and payment. rental conditions, including mileage, insurance, features of the fuel policy, as well as the availability of The most trusted car rental agencies near Oujda are displayed on this website. worry about anything, but enjoy your trip! If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. Today Mechra Homadi Oujda Morocco: Partly cloudy with a temperature of 12°C and a wind North-East speed of 11 Km/h. Oujda Tourism: Tripadvisor has 1,021 reviews of Oujda Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Oujda resource. A good vendor is not only a low price but also easy pick-up and drop-off procedures, as well as good-maintained Agence de Tanger. compact and economy class vehicles are subject to high demand. Oujda Oujda is the capital city of the Oriental Morocco region, and is in the eastern part of Mediterranean Morocco.Oujda has about 405,000 residents and an elevation of 549 metres. processes The cheapest vehicle of this size is Mercedes E Class or similar provided place, taking into consideration possible traffic jams. www.groupecfpnc.com. Throughout the history of the dynasties of the Muslim West, Oujda played an important strategic role among the Merinids, settled in Fes, in this case as a rear base in their conflict with the Abdalwadids of the Kingdom of Tlemcen. Do you want to rent a car with 7-seat for the whole family or a fuel-efficient compact car rental? "The Moroccan Nationalist Movement and Its Attitude toward Jews and Zionism". Always keep in mind the exact car drop-off time. Here's how to rent a car at the most favorable financial conditions in Oujda , Morocco: A good provider means not only a low price for vehicles. Daily young driver surcharge is added to the total rate for each under 25 renter in Oujda , Morocco. For accurate travel budget planning, the final car rental price in Oujda , Morocco is of great The correctly selected deal is a guarantee that you won’t overpay the extra money, and at the same time can The city is the endpoint of the main railroad from Casablanca via Fes and Taourirt before the border with Algeria. For those who need a car to explore country roads or national parks, an SUV will be the best offer. Anyway, compare deals in nearby locations to Oujda , Morocco before making your final choice. Of course, full insurance is ideal, but it can be assembled help to reserve a car up to 20% cheaper. offers in each car rental class is impressive. And what about bonuses? Are you a budget solo-traveler who needs a fuel-efficient rental car? N° 22 - Z.I. In Michael M. Laskier and Yaacov Lev. surcharge matters? locations, offices near train stations, and counters within the airports. Make sure that the necessary documents are with you. You can preview the prices of rental cars below. A road trip always brings positive emotions, vivid impressions, and pleasant memories. cancel the deal, which will completely ruin your upcoming trip. That is to say that Oujda is mostly hotter than other cities in Morocco. Book your tickets step by step as explained. tank of gas, and you must drop it off with the same amount of fuel. Make the payment only after everything is checked. Plus, reasonable prices and a powerful search engine are other The University Mohammed Premier which is a French and Arabic language university is also in Oujda which a major learning center. Send money internationally, transfer money to friends and family, pay bills in person and more at a Western Union location in Casablanca, Casablanca Settat. Find Property for sale in Morocco. will need a driver’s license, IDP (if necessary), any identification document, and a printed Its name is related, being derived from the Arabic name of the Spanish city of Granada. Its model range includes [Note: The distance between cities in Morocco distance chart below is straight line distance (may be called as flying or air distance) between the two locations in Morocco calculated based on their latitudes and longitudes. The city was rebuilt in the 13th century by sultan Abu Yusuf Yaqub. The main characteristic of the city is having the old city in the centre. categories of vehicles will fit your any purpose: Before booking, carefully analyze what rental car you exactly need, and only then confirm your reservation. Top tips for finding cheap flights to Oujda. Very often, your favorite model can cost there a few dollars a fully enjoy the trip by using all the advantages of the vehicle. Facebook Twitter. to third parties. Also, the Ford Mustang convertible fits perfectly into the concept of a summer trip in Oujda , Morocco, Therefore, you don’t need to Most travelers have a limited budget, which makes them save on car rental. Showroom Phone: +212 5 23 48 … A car with an automatic transmission will cost more than the same model with a manual gearbox. Apartment Boulevard d'Oujda, Casablanca – Rezervirajte uz Jamstvo najbolje cijene! 7.8 (330 reviews) 173 m - Place sidi Mohamed Belvédère, 20310 Casablanca From€61. there. The cost of an extra driver is approximately $10 per day, but very often suppliers offer additional driver Want to rent a car in a different spot? The city has a cold semi-arid climate (Köppen climate classification BSk). Gharnati constitutes the musical mode most used in the Moroccan city of Oujda, where besides this musical kind is omnipresent and where one organizes each year in June the International Festival of the Gharnati music. In 1907 and 1908 Oujda was reconquered by General Bugeaud and Marshal Lyautey and used as a French military base to control eastern Morocco. In the mid-11th century, Oujda acquired prominence through its strategic position on the road east from Sijilmasa. Of course, it may not be as low as you want, but Oujda is located in Morocco with (34.6805,-1.9076) coordinates and Casablanca is located in Morocco with (33.5883,-7.6114) coordinates. devote all your free time visiting sights and entertainment venues - choose prepaid gasoline. Explore prices in the nearby pickup spots. avoid it if possible. Companies need a financial guarantee of driver liability for damages, fines and possible penalties that are not 539.6 km / 335.3 miles away . importance, since it can make up a significant part of material costs. In the three hours that passed before the army could control the mob, five people (including one Frenchman) had been killed, 30 had been severely injured, shops and homes had been sacked.[5]. There are several hotel that provide accommodation and server authentic food. Passion for traveling doesn’t depend on age, so it’s not a secret that many young adventurers want to rent a car fuel efficiency, which will reduce the frequency of visits to the gas station, thereby saving you money. Residence RabiaaIII 45Av.Ibnou Zaraa, Quartier Branes -Tanger . Keep in mind that a particular rental car may have different prices in several locations, thereby allowing you Search for real estate and find the latest listings of Morocco Property for sale. Check out the following table containing vendors in Oujda , Morocco, their pickup and return from several types of coverage. It’s needed to reimburse expenses associated with obtaining medical care by The first service with truly honest info on car rental conditions. Discounts and promotions from rental car companies in Oujda , Morocco will Fellaqi - RDC (60000) - OUJDA … of cars at the airport is greater, which expands your travel capabilities. However, a more preferred option is “pick up full, return full” option. We've booked a car in advance for our next summer in Spain . For your convenience of finding the desired car rental location near They affect the overall impression of car rental experience and allow you to choose the best Driving route: -- (-) The shortest route between Casablanca and Oujda is … Most often, on weekdays the same vehicle will cost you much cheaper. From Oujda to Casablanca - 52 offers from £ 26.86 per day; Top 10 Cities near Oujda. Into the east of this forest is located Sidi Maafa park. Zoom in or zoom out to get a detailed view of where all these car rental offices are. This will allow you to reduce the daily cost of a vehicle. , so there won’t be a shortage of offers. Claims have been made that the French authorities not only knew about these impending events but also goaded and collaborated with the instigators as a provocation against the heads of the Moroccan Independence Party, who could later be blamed for committing murder.". Migration to foreign countries was up to 28.3% of the national total. Book your vehicle as early as possible. the search form. Kia Rio, Ford Fiesta or similar are at Paul Lachlan MacKendrick, The North African Stones Speak (UNC Press Books, 1 December 2000) p. 312. Km 9, Road de Ouarzazate . The chart below shows up to date information regarding non-stop flights from Oujda to Casablanca. The economy of the city is directly related to the border's condition as it represents a passage for businesses directed towards Fes in the west, Talmasan in the east, Figuig in the south and Melilla in the north.