As he wallows in sadness, wishing he was dead, he also ponders some of the mysteries of the universe — specifically, whether he’s the only one who thinks the … As he wallows in sadness, wishing he was dead, he also ponders some of the mysteries of the universe — specifically, whether he’s the only one who thinks the song “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” from “Yentl” sounds like “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” from the 2013 animated movie “Frozen.” He makes the observation a couple of times, always when the emotional chips are down. And "Spider-Verse," despite being animated, despite the wacky cast of Spider-People, despite the outlandish premise, is as real as movies get. I didn’t mean it.’ I know,” Reynolds added. Her song "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" A total nightmare. The main series "X-Men" movies have never achieved any sort of greatness, but at least "Dark Phoenix" ends the whole thing with one of the best efforts of the bunch. And that sequence on the train in the third act is easily the best action sequence of these movies. Memetic Mutation: Thanks to Deadpool 2, it’s been common to compare ”Papa Can You Hear Me" to Frozen’s “Do You Want To Build A Snowman?”. Michael Keaton as the Vulture makes for one of the best Marvel villains ever. Decades of big-screen Marvel adaptations demand a long, ranked list. Looking at the skies I see a million eyes Which ones are yours? But it’s also awesome and thrilling and hilarious and contains some individual moments that are perfect. Subscribe to My Channel for more Deadpool Funny ClipsYentl - Papa Can you Hear Me? from Disney's Frozen . :D Her journey begins...] It didn't sit well with audiences, but "Hulk" remains one of the most compelling and interesting Marvel movies to date. Evangeline Lilly is so good at the Wasp that I'm retroactively irritated that she didn't don the suit in the previous "Ant-Man" movie. "Ultron" is frustrating for what it lacks -- chiefly the feeling that it's advancing the overall story arc of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tim Story's first "Fantastic Four" is just sort of there, challenging you to remember it exists. Ryan Reynolds (Wade Wilson / Deadpool) #Music. Sam Raimi truly assembled the prototypical superhero movie with this first entry in the "Spider-Man" franchise, in 2002. Good lord. This was, like, just a legitimately enjoyable melodramatic action movie. You could certainly make the argument that "Infinity War" does not really hold up on as a complete movie on its own, because it kinda begins with the second act. It's held back a little by being saddled with standard "origin movie" issues -- introducing audiences to the world of Wakanda isn't a quick and easy task, and it could use an extra 15-20 minutes to flesh out the supporting characters -- but still manages to be the most substantial superhero movie ever. Banner role since inhabited by Mark Ruffalo in the "Avengers" films. As he wallows in sadness, wishing he was dead, he also ponders some of the mysteries of the universe — specifically, whether he’s the only one who thinks the … The “Yentl” joke is just a long road to give Reynolds a chance to make a dadly observation about the two songs — and maybe kick off a copyright battle between Streisand and Disney. Shame that it was apparently stressful enough to break up the tandem of Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. But I don't care. Papa, can you find me in the night? Not quite the best "Spider-Man" movie, but still an absolute delight, with a cast full of scene stealers. It was Robert Downey Jr.'s reemergence on the big screen, and he's flawless in this origin story that takes Tony Stark from billionaire playboy weapons manufacturer to billionaire playboy other-things manufacturer. Disney Animation Studios made a Marvel movie, and it's really sweet. It's just a great movie by any normal standard. Yes, Stan Lee Did Have a Very Brief Cameo in ‘Deadpool 2’, ‘Deadpool 2': Every Joke Dunking on the DC Movie Universe, ‘Deadpool 2’ Perfectly Mocks the Worst Moment in ‘Batman v. Superman’, Here’s What’s Going on in That Brilliant ‘Deadpool 2’ Mid-Credits Scene. For a movie starring Nic Cage about a dude who rides a Harley and turns into a flaming skeleton, this is a surprisingly mundane movie. The joke runs throughout the movie, starting in the scene in which Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) and Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) celebrate their anniversary. "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" #Confusion. [narrating after attempting suicide by blowing himself up] FUCK Wolverine! I wish it was better, but with everything required of a movie that exists to wrap up 21 movies’ worth of story arcs, I’m glad it’s as good as it is. from Yentl. Search Hebrew Songs for all your favourite songs. A totally chaotic stir fry of nonsense that tells the story of how Wolverine got his claws. It’s fine, but “Captain Marvel” feels like a movie from before Marvel Studios really hit its stride in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That's the power of the astonishing visual imagination on display here. If anything, it suffers the opposite problem, going so hard and fast that it loses substance. The first "X-Men" movie that could be described as "fun." “As much as we laugh at Fox and poke fun at Fox, [vice chairwoman] Emma Watts has been a partner who has been in lockstep with everything we’ve done, every step of the way, all the way back to the first film,” he said. But in conceding and trashing the joke, Reynolds did away with what he called one of his “favorite things in the movie.”. Fortunately I saw it before the hype train geared up or I'd probably hate the movie now. 하다. In a movie full of pop culture jokes, the comparison “Deadpool 2” makes between a Disney movie and a Barbra Streisand one might be the weirdest, (Note: This post contains some light spoilers for “Deadpool 2.”), “Deadpool 2” definitely knows its audience. “But I had noticed that the song, ‘Do You Want to Build a Snowman?’ and Yentyl's ‘Papa Can You Hear Me?’ sound suspiciously alike. Which is weird because Frozen is my favorite movie and Yentl is hers,” said Reynolds, who co-wrote the film with Reese and Paul Wernick. It's sometimes hard to remember that this one counts as part of the MCU, since it placed Ed Norton in the Dr. Who knows what was going on in this movie, but it was almost OK anyway. This time is hell a lot of fun. Like "X-Men" before it, "Spider-Man" is a bit underwhelming today, but unlike "X-Men" it was proud of its nerd roots. Plot-wise, it never really adds up to anything, but the strength of the cast and the bizarre world they explore more than make up for it. 'Deadpool 2': Did You Catch Deadpool's Jared Kushner Joke? Which is inexcusable when you've got Alan Cumming as the teleporting mutant Nightcrawler all over your movie. Commenting on the fan clip in January 2014, Anderson-Lopez mentioned that at one point, she actually had pitched a reprise of the song for the film's climax. You can compare the two songs below for yourself. from Yentl. Right now it’s a movie that seems very much out of place. The jab aimed at the beloved animated Disney hit isn’t the only shot the R-rated Marvel adaptation took at the Mouse House, but the Frozen gag made it in — and Reynolds was forced to excise the other. In “Papa Can you Hear Me”, the last four notes are F,A,G,A. That’s why it rattles off jokes about the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC movie universe with abandon — it knows the folks who like superhero movies will be able to follow along. This might be the most fun we had at the movies in all of 2017, and so we can't help but love it. After the film was released, a fan put together a version of the song to show how a reprise could have worked at the climax of the film, when Elsa realizes that Anna is completely frozen. PAPA CAN YOU HEAR ME is on HebrewSongs. This is that list. There could maybe have been a good movie in here somewhere -- the cast (Michael B Jordan, Miles Teller, Kate Mara) certainly warranted one. Instead it's just a shot of visual adrenaline that I'll probably want to revisit at some point -- but not when I'm sober. The best superhero movies, and movies in general, are the ones that are truly most human. More of the same impossible-to-follow hack-n'-slash plotting from the previous movie, offset by Andrew Garfield continuing to be awesome and Jamie Foxx going way over the top as the big bad. is featured in Deadpool 2. We may never figure out what went wrong with Marc Webb's Spider-Man duology, but his choice of Andrew Garfield to play Peter Parker is still brilliant. Born Today. It's also hard to remember because it's generally not memorable. As "The New Mutants" heads into theaters -- at least the ones that have managed to reopen due to the pandemic -- we look back at every movie based on Marvel Comics that has opened theatrically. “Let’s put on some porn and you can pump a baby into me,” Vanessa says, and the pair presumably head to another room to get it on. “So this actually came from you noticing, right, that the Yentl song...”. This movie is, frustratingly, far from perfect. That five minutes when they tried to turn Jennifer Garner into an action star went about as well as it should have. album: Cinema Serenadeviolin: Itzhak PerlmanConductor: John Williamsorchestra: Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra But now, 30 years removed from its premiere, "Howard the Duck" is pretty fun as a relic of the '80s. How can anybody resist the pull of Tom Hardy doing comedy? The ousted joke, whatever it was, 'had more to do with Disney,'" Reynolds said, Reynolds agreeing its removal was a “wise decision.”. You might have known for many things, but what we're about to show you is totally the front side of it. First he rides my coattails with the R-rating, then the hairy motherfucker ups the ante by dying! Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, ‘Deadpool 2’: Ryan Reynolds Explains the Jab at ‘Frozen’, WandaVision Creator Reveals the Marvel Show’s “Thanos Snap” Scene, Guardians of the Galaxy's Rocket Actor in Australia, Likely for Thor: Love & Thunder Filming, WandaVision's Teyonah Parris Is “Honored and Blessed” to Be the MCU's Next Black Female Superhero, Spider-Man 3 Star Zendaya Spotted in New Set Photo, Disney+ Needs to Bring Back Some Agents of SHIELD Characters, WandaVision Star Paul Bettany Teases Episode 4 "Will Blow Your Mind", WandaVision Showrunner Jac Schaeffer Calls Fan Theories "Amazing" and "Accurate", WandaVision Star Teyonah Parris Says the Marvel Series Is "Quite a Ride" After Episode 3. Deadpool 2 co-writers Rhett Reese and Ryan Reynolds explain how they came up with the joke comparing musical numbers from Frozen and Yentl. is a song from the 1983 romance film Yentl. Would be a top 5 comic book movie if it had just reigned in the plot. Peter buckles under the pressure, something we can all relate to. Cut to Wade and Vanessa watching a movie, but not the one you might expect: It’s “Yentl,” the 1983 musical starring Streisand, in which she pretends to be a man so she can enroll in a Jewish religious school. We had a lot of other great, great moments in the movie. And it's awesome. A big step up from the first "X-Men" both in production values and quality, it still lacks much in the way of energy. “I had watched Yentl on Turner Classic Movies a couple of weeks before, and I’ve watched Frozen 700 times with my daughter. Yes and No. Benjamin Bratt • 16 Dec 1963. A lot of folks like to complain that all superhero movies are the same. If it weren't hamstrung with all the requisite elements of an origin story, "Doctor Strange" might have been the best Marvel movie ever. from Disney's Frozen sounds "suspiciously like 'Papa, Can You Hear Me… Also, while I'm listing superlatives: Michael B Jordan delivers the best performance ever in a superhero movie. Exhibit A: Exhibit B: COINCIDENCE?! 58. Blade, by the way, remains the only black comic book character besides Shaquille O'Neal's "Steel" to get his/her own movie, though Marvel's "Black Panther" is slated for a 2018 release. It's pretty boring, also, but at least it looks cool. Thomas Jane performs admirably, but the whole thing is missing that extra something that would have elevated it beyond standard genre fare. is a 1983 song composed by Michel Legrand with lyrics by Alan Bergman and Marilyn Bergman, for Barbra Streisand in the title role of Yentl. Papa, can you help me not be frightened? Sure, it turns into a video game boss battle by the end, but for most of its running time it's just an actual movie. by Barbra Streisand. Barbara Joan "Barbra" Streisand is an American singer, actress, and filmmaker. Multiply the two previous best Marvel movies by one another and you get "Civil War." Deadpool 2 can now be owned on Digital HD. The song peaked at No.26 at Billboard's Adult Contemporary. Yes, these guys are raising their go-karts in the river. As USA Today reports, Reynolds and wife and actress Blake Lively have two young daughters, James and Ines. That one is left to fans’ imaginations, apparently. is a ripoff of "Papa Can You Hear Me?" All rights reserved. It packs the sort of emotional payoff all the disconnected Marvel movies can't really provide. Lyrics to 'Papa, can you hear me?' "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" This one's all novelty value. Noel Coward • 16 Dec 1899. God the adrenaline, I'm feeling this kind of should be on everyone's bucket list. Both Disney and Fox have since approved Disney’s acquisition of the studio for $71.3 billion. The cherry on top of this turd sundae was that damn Evanescence song. Add a photo to this gallery Barbra Streisand is the stepmother of Josh Brolin. And what he made was an incredible melodrama with visual stylings meant to ape comic book panels. The fact that it packs such a profound emotional punch, however, is what really makes it work. The deal will bring Fox-controlled properties like Deadpool, X-Men and Fantastic Four into the shared Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s frustrating that it doesn’t really deal with the immense fallout from “Avengers: Endgame,” but it’s still as visually creative as any movie in the MCU, and Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio is an all-timer of a villain. Has anyone else noticed that “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from “Frozen” sounds a lot like “Papa Can You Hear Me?” from “Yentl”? is a 1983 song composed by Michel Legrand with lyrics by Alan Bergman and Marilyn Bergman, for Barbra Streisand in the title role of Yentl. 다만 해당 부분을 제외하면 유사성은 거의 없다. And it is extremely fun. The part in question consist of the last four notes of the primary melodic hook. For the sequel, they tapped the "Crank" director duo known as Neveldine/Taylor. becomes a running joke, after Wade marvels that it sounds just like Do You Want to Build a Snowman? But this Frankenstein of a film is a behind-the-scenes horror story, and you can see it in the totally disjointed final product. Sure, it's the kiddie version of Marvel, but that doesn't prevent it from being a wholly satisfying experience. In fact, it’s kind of a huge mess. Whether the couple is watching Streisand after their baby-making session or they have a non-standard definition of porn is up to the audience. An improvement on the first film, and an absolute delight from moment to moment -- but it never quite coalesces into a coherent whole because so many subplots distract from the core story and rob it of its emotional impact. And as an action film it's easily the best of the superhero genre. The story is a total mess, relying heavily on moviegoers' memories of previous MCU films (if you didn't remember or know coming in what the Tesseract was, hoo boy). What a dick. Where "Civil War" elevated the genre, "Logan" opts instead to be something else entirely and we're all the better for it. As far as I'm concerned this is the "Iron Man" movie. About Papa, Can You Hear Me? Is it just me, or does “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from Frozen sound suspiciously like “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” From Yentl? Josh Brolin was convinced his Deadpool 2 co-star Ryan Reynolds was pranking him after performing a song from his stepmother Barbra Streisand's film Yentl in the new blockbuster. It's basically two movies crammed into one, story-wise, but director Matthew Vaughn's touch is so breezy and enjoyable that it totally works anyway, thanks in large part to a brilliant cast that includes Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence and James McAvoy. Aggressively violent and flippantly meanspirited, it's the exact emotional release we needed. I agree with TheWrap's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy and provide my consent to receive marketing communications from them. By Cameron Bonomolo / Papa, can you see me? It just sucks that this movie doesn't really make any sense. "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer". The song was later used in the season sixteen episode "Sleeping with the Enemy" of the animated television series The Simpsons, where it features Nelson Muntz as he prays to his absent father in a scene parodying Yentl. "Ant-Man" represented a first for the MCU by being a straight-up comedy. James Mangold's small-scale western is a game changer for the entire superhero genre, daring to defy pretty much standard by which you expect these movies to operate. After losing director of the first two X-Men films Brian Singer to the first Superman reboot attempt, replacement Matthew Vaughn gave way to eventual director Brett Ratner, who might have killed off the superhero genre entirely were "Spider-Man" not blowing up the box office. Overall the melodies are different but they are very close to each other. Its time travel logic is a bit iffy, but "Days of Future Past" is still tremendously entertaining because, while epic, it's not overly serious. This is the Punisher as a straight revenge thriller, and it's not bad. Which is weird because Frozen is my favorite movie and Yentl is hers,” said Reynolds, who co-wrote the film with Reese and Paul Wernick. "The Dark World," in contrast to the first "Thor" movie, is certainly not boring. And it's a very good one, with a cast that's perfectly suited for it. Dec. 28. Aside from Paul Rudd who plays Ant-Man himself, Michael Pena is the true standout as Scott Lang's best friend and former cellmate. Beloved nerd Guillermo del Toro took over for this one and ramped everything up to 11. Timid. People love to talk about the nebulous concept of capturing some long lost childlike sense of wonder though the magic of cinema -- "Doctor Strange" is one of the only movies I've watched as an adult that really accomplishes that. Well, these guys are ready for some action. And Robert Redford as the bad guy is a really nice touch. When people talk about songs from Frozen, I always think of the reference in Deadpool 2 to how "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" This was basically "Early-2000s: The Movie," with Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, Colin Farrell and Michael Clark Duncan as the main players. Frozen is still Disney's most over-hyped movie ever. There have been a number of bad superhero movies, but from the talking gas cloud the filmmakers cast as Galactus to Jessica Alba's dye job, this one transcends bad. Papa, can you hear me? While you may get whiplash from the "Deadpool" sequel's occasional very serious and emo scenes, the rest of the movie is thoroughly delightful, somehow managing to be even funnier -- and more hilariously violent -- than the original. Dolph Lundgren and Louis Gossett Jr. star in a low-rent '80s grunge C-level classic. Papa Can You Hear Me (Yentl) Lyrics: God / Oh God / May the light / Illuminate the night, the way your spirit illuminates my soul / Papa, can you hear me? #Movies. This is a movie that fully understands its main character and taps into what made him such a captivating figure for so long. To continue reading for free, provide your email below. Features an early version of Deadpool (also played by Ryan Reynolds) whose mouth is stapled shut, which should tell you all you need to know about it. It releases to 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD August 21. The Russo brothers, who made their entrance to the MCU directing "Winter Soldier" before taking the reigns on "Civil War" and, eventually, 2018's "Avengers: Infinity War," really impressed with "Winter Soldier." “They’ve allowed us do stuff that I don’t think any other studio would allow us to do. WADE: Papa, can you hear me? Don't you think the same. Just a nightmare. The answer is that “Frozen” isn’t on Wade’s mind, but on Reynolds’. Reynolds has yet to reveal the joke so inappropriate he was forced to scrub it by Fox, the studio behind Deadpool 2, but told The Hollywood Reporter he ultimately understood the decision. This movie knows exactly what it's trying to be, and what it's trying to be is dumb and fun and nothing else. is a ripoff of "Papa Can You Hear Me?" The culmination of this ten-year shared universe experiment should stand on the shoulders of the movies that came before it. Starring a pre-Deadpool Ryan Reynolds basically playing a vampire-slaying Deadpool, throwing out one-liners like his mama's life depended on it, this may not a "good" movie, but it sure is fun. Like this post? Papa, are you near me? Hebrew songs transliterated and translated into English as well as Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and other languages, by volunteers worldwide. A thorough delight. Just a total mess, incoherent from the word "go." Papa, can you hear me? Also Read: Yes, Stan Lee Did Have a Very Brief Cameo in 'Deadpool 2'. [Filled with a love for learning, Yentl has no choice after her father dies but to disguise herself as a man, so that she can pursue all her 'sweet-imagined possibilities.' It's ever so slightly frustrating that this one doesn't fully integrate into the "Infinity War" situation, but even so it's thoroughly a delight. When people talk about songs from Frozen, I always think of the reference in Deadpool 2 to how "Do You Want to Build a Snowman?" Unlike “Yentl,” “Deadpool 2” doesn’t include a direct reference to “Frozen” on-screen, so one might wonder why Wade might be thinking about a children’s movie (apart from the fact that knowing everything about pop culture could be considered one of his superpowers). 2018. Novel at the time, now it just comes off as unremarkable mid-budget action fare as Fox was merely sticking its toe in the superhero waters. Swaps Terrence Howard for Don Cheadle, while Mickey Rourke breaks cars with laser whips. But the novelty of the Marvel's first big superhero team-up was irresistible, and director Joss Whedon balanced his ensemble expertly, giving everyone plenty to do so none of them ever fades into the background. Maybe the bad outweighs the good here, but Emo Peter Parker's dance number remains one of the greatest single moments in any comic book movie, sorry, haters. A friend recently pointed out her surprise at the similarity between “Papa Can You Hear Me” from “Yentl” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” from “Frozen.” If you And nobody fucking realizes it. [laughs] Some poor, hardworking songwriter’s gonna go, ‘What? It was performed by Barbra Streisand for the original film. Heartwarming Moments: The final scene/reprise of "Papa Can You Hear Me" - Yentl can feel her beloved father's spirit close by on her way to a new and brighter life. Also Read: 'Deadpool 2': Did You Catch Deadpool's Jared Kushner Joke? Setting it in Tampa didn't help. The fantasy Marvel movie is directed by Kenneth Branagh, who covers the whole movie in canted angle shots and theatrical stylings. So, is it just me, or does Do You Want To Build A Snowman from Frozen sound suspiciously like Papa Can You Hear Me from Yentl? But as with the first "Avengers" movie its weaknesses are overcome by great character work. It's a classic spy thriller with a superhero twist. From: Deadpool 2. [5] The No Country for Old Men star portrays Marvel villain Cable in the sequel to 2016's Deadpool, and throughout the movie, Ryan's titular character pokes fun at the similarities between the Oscar-nominated tune Papa, Can You Hear … The couple decides to start a family. Pure B-movie trash, which is fine because that's precisely what it aims for: bloody, crass, awesome. It was an inspired choice, because "Spirit of Vengeance" was exactly as nutty as you'd hope a PG-13 comic book movie would be. Enjoy! The movie pops up again later, after Wade goes through some tough emotional moments. Yeah, Peter Parker's a superhero, but he's also a college kid working a minimum wage job to make rent while also taking university physics classes. Somehow, Shane Black was able to infiltrate the MCU and make a legitimate Shane Black movie with all the wit and raw humanity you'd expect from him. #Cynical. But this was actually a pretty good World War II movie, too. The beginning of the current wave of theatrical superhero movies, "X-Men" was kind of a cheapie and it showed. So, conceding on this one thing was not the end of the world for me. As "Back to the Future" taught us long ago, you can get away with a lot of logical leaps if you strike the right tone. It's kind of amazing that Disney let writer/director Ryan Coogler make this overt a political statement -- it's the most openly political mega-budget movie I've ever seen . The use of “Yentl” is funny on its own, but it goes a lot further as it becomes a running gag. - August 10, 2018 12:21 pm EDT, There’s a real-life truth to the cheeky accusation made in Deadpool 2 concerning suspicious similarities between Barbra Streisand’s “Papa Can You Hear Me?” and Frozen’s “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”, “Ryan has a great ear for picking out when one song sounds too much like another song, where someone might have plagiarized somebody,” co-writer Rhett Reese said in the Deadpool 2 commentary track as Wade (Reynolds) and Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) watch the Streisand-starred Yentl.